George Zimmerman's All-Too-Familiar Story

He's back in the news for allegedly causing more trouble with guns.

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George Zimmerman was back in court again, being charged again, for being violent again and for allegedly using a gun ... again. And once again, Zimmerman says he's innocent and his lawyers say he'll be acquitted.

Sound familiar?

George Zimmerman walked out of a courtroom on $9,000 bail in Florida with a few conditions attached, including that he can't use weapons. Great call from the judge. Obviously, Zimmerman has a problem with his temper and with weapons. And despite his acquittal in the case involving the death of Trayvon Martin, the very mention of the name George Zimmerman is opening old wounds for many. And it is causing some to perhaps wonder, was Zimmerman really defending himself against Martin?

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Zimmerman's been charged with aggravated assault, as well as domestic violence battery and criminal mischief for allegedly holding a shotgun in his girlfriend's face. In this instance, when calling 911, Zimmerman told police, trying to explain "his side" of the story in response to his girlfriend's 911 call, that an argument began after he tried to leave his pregnant girlfriend. Here's what he said during his call, per CNN:

"She told me it was better if we co-parented and she raised the child on her own," Zimmerman said to a 911 dispatcher in a separate call. "I said, 'Are you sure this is what you want to do?' She said, 'Yes.'"

Zimmerman continued, "As soon as I started packing up my stuff to leave, she just completely changed." Asked to elaborate, Zimmerman said he wanted to leave amicably, but Scheibe "just started smashing stuff, taking stuff that belonged to me and throwing it outside, throwing it out of her room, throwing it all over the place.

"I guess she thought I was going to argue with her, but she's pregnant. I'm not going to put her through that type of stress."

But what did his girlfriend say? Well, "at this time, the victim has disclosed to us that she is not pregnant."

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It's been a tough day for Zimmerman, whose wife served him with divorce papers while he was locked up and made claims to police about him as well. She called 911 and alleged that her husband had threatened her – one of several brushes that George Zimmerman has had with law enforcement since he was acquitted. 

Asked why he was calling 911 himself this time, Zimmerman replied, "I just want everyone to know the truth."

The truth. Yes, that's what we all want. But I fear Zimmerman's "truth" cannot be believed. Not now and not before with the death of Martin. This is a man who has issues with rage, violence and guns. This is a man who I fear will hurt another and must be stopped.  The judge took his weapons for now, but I believe society would be better without a weapon in this man's hand.

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