The GOP Hates Obamacare More Than It Loves America

Let’s hope voters remember this about the Republican Party come the next elections.


The House of Representatives has truly become the House of Hypocrisy. 

First, they told the American people to elect them in order to create jobs and turn our economy around; and now they have put 800,000 people out of work by shutting the government down and they are threatening both our domestic economy as well as the global economy as by slowly inching into default.

This week we've seen more examples of the Republican hypocrisy. As Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee argued that the president didn't care about veterans, they cried out about blockades around war memorials. Do Cruz and Lee care about veterans? No. They care about the memorials to the veterans. If they cared about veterans, they would care that 7,000 Veterans Benefits Administration workers – half of them veterans – are furloughed. They would care about this government shutdown causing a delay in the processing of veterans disability claims; but no, there was no outrage over that.

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And yesterday, the House failed to come up with a plan to end the government shutdown and avert default. They couldn't just have a clean vote, as the American people want and the president requested, to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling. The House GOP simply had to add another "Obamacare" stipulation. Strange isn't it – the party that closed the government over Obamacare, now wants all federal employees to partake; but without the subsidies. And all the while, all House Speaker John Boehner had to do was put a clean vote on the floor. So far at least 195 Democrats have said that they would vote for a clean bill and as of last week, 22 Republicans agreed. He has the votes, he has the ability and what does he do instead? He bends over for the tea party; the new bully of America.

Ladies & Gentlemen, the Koch brothers are running your country and your God is now Ted Cruz. Happy?

You aren't. The polls indicate that over and over and over. The Republicans are (forgive the gun analogy here folks) playing Russian Roulette; but last night they put a few more bullets in the chamber. The Republicans are committing political suicide and it's too sad and too messy to watch. They actually hate Obamacare and care more about getting anything they can in the way of a checkmark in the "win" column more than they care about the American people, and both our own economy and the world's.

So now we've got a day for the Senate to come up with a bill; which as I write this, Sens. Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell are close to doing. But one can only guess what will happen when it gets to the House. 

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As House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said yesterday, "Why are they doing this to the American people?"

She's right. 

Do you want the government reopened and the debt ceiling raised America? Demand that members of Congress' pay be withheld – they're government workers and we are their employers. It is our tax dollars that pay them; our voices they have ignored. No matter how many polls told them to stop this, no matter how many phone calls, emails, tweets, etc. they received, it was they, not the president who ignored the will of the people. If their bucks stop coming in, they'll stop bucking the system!

[See a collection of political cartoons on the government shutdown.]

So now the people better remember that. According to the law of Karma, what goes around comes around right? And all we can do is hope and pray for that type of justice.

Hope and pray those rich Wall Street types won't write checks to fund the campaigns of those that screwed the American and global economies if, the debt ceiling is not raised.

Hope and pray that those of you who showed your lack of approval for this Congress; remember that come election time.

Because at this point America, all we can do is hope and pray that justice will win over hypocrisy.

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