The Tea Party Should Be Its Own Party

John Boehner and co. need to tell the tea party to hit the road.

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The cover of Time Magazine states "Majority Rule" and it's crossed out. And that's exactly the truth. The tea party faction of the GOP is holding the GOP hostage, as well as America.

If you break down the numbers, it's perplexing why any Republican would forge ahead with the tea party's shutdown. First: poll after poll shows the American people do not want this shutdown. Further, they do not want this shutdown over Obamacare. The polls also show Americans dislike a government shutdown more than they dislike Obamacare. Polls show the American people blame Republicans; even other Republicans! 

Second: There are numerous Republicans who are calling the tea  party faction of the GOP things like "the suicide caucus" and outright stating how stupid this is.

[See a collection of political cartoons on the tea party.]

Third: The Tea Party's influence and following among the American population has plunged to the lowest point since it's inception. Less than one in four Americans now back the tea party, according to a recent Gallup poll. And in that same poll, those who hate the tea party and oppose its tactics have greatly risen in number.

Fourth: Inexperience. The number of GOP members of Congress who are in the tea party or are supporting it is less than 100. In the last session of Congress, approximately 40 House Republicans voted against their party and with their "tea party."

Fifth: Polls also show that in 24 of the critical battleground districts up for re-election, Republicans are losing support and losing the lead over their Democratic opponents.

[See a collection of political cartoons on the government shutdown.]

If you call yourself a party, become a party. These Teapublicans, as I like to call them, are largely civil libertarians and have a different philosophy, a different platform than the current GOP. The Teapublicans are ripping apart this party, enabling Congress to constantly get nothing done, bringing the support of the American people for their government to historical lows and hurting the political process, which has further divided our nation.

So this tea party faction of the GOP has done more than just shut down the government, more than put people out of work, more than closed national parks and monuments. It has become the true leaders of those so called "death panels," for as I write this the Centers for Disease Control speaks of new outbreaks we cannot fight and many with afflictions such as cancer lose hope that further medical research will lead to a cure in order to save their lives.

If the GOP and John Boehner were real men, they'd put their lust for a political future aside and tell the tea party to hit the road, leave the GOP and be the true "party" they claim to be.

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