GOP Shutdown Hypocrisy Runs Wild

Republicans shut down the government and then complain when government goes away.

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People will often say they hate this and that, and I personally find that word harsh.  But this week, I find myself thinking it and saying it often. Hate. And I hate ...hypocrisy.

This week the Republicans have exemplified more hypocrisy than I have seen as an American, a voter and taxpayer in my lifetime.

Firs,t there is the constant mantra that they didn't want a government shut down, that the Democrats did. Wrong.

Then they ignored all of the government entities that would be affected, such as national parks and monuments being closed to the public; yet who is leading the charge this week, yelling at a park ranger who cannot let veterans view war monuments in our nation's capitol due to the government shutdown, that those very Republicans also led the charge on.

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There was even a Congressional member complaining that the "panda cam" at the National Zoo in Washington was off! Seriously? For a political party that hates the big federal government, they sure seem to miss it a lot.

What mystifies me is how, without flinching at all, these Republicans blame the Democrats, ignore the polls which show that Americans don't want the government shutdown and how the majority of them blame the GOP for this. But Republicans don't care, specifically the 80 Republicans in the House who have very red portions of their state that they represent. Their jobs are fine. And the majority of the GOP are incumbents; so they're betting on the historical track record of incumbents being re-elected and voters having short memories when it's election day.

[See a collection of political cartoons on the Republican Party.]

The reality is, for all the GOP squawking that Obama has yet to lead, they need to look in the mirror. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, is not leading; if anything, he's leading his party to break in two, which isn't good for Republicans, the people or the process. The speaker needs to get with the majority of Republicans in the house and show those 80 tea party faction GOP members who is boss. 

As the polls continue to drop for the approval of Congress, Republicans better wake up now to the fact that the country no longer believes their lies. They can wake up now, or after the next election, which I am betting will introduce a number of new Democrats to both the House and the Senate.

The GOP better hope I'm wrong.

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