Keep Your Legislature Out of My Uterus

Wendy Davis is a hero and so-called pro-life politicians should watch what they wish for.

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Wendy Davis, the state senator from Texas who held up a very controversial anti-abortion bill by speaking for 11 hours straight from the Texas legislative floor is hailed a hero by many. And she is one, but not necessarily for the reason many think.

I am pro-choice. And I know that title often comes with the idea that those of us who are pro-choice are pro-abortion, but that is not the case.

Abortion is not a choice I would make, but it is a choice that I legally have and have had since the 1973 landmark Supreme Court ruling of Roe v. Wade. I have personally suffered numerous miscarriages, had a son with a terminal illness die, stillborn and now have an adopted son and a daughter who came after 13 IVF cycles. 

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I do not believe abortion should be used for birth control and I am open to limits being placed on the number of abortions a woman obtains. I also do not understand one's 'choice' to have a late term abortion if they are not the victim of rape or incest, if the mother's life is not in danger or the fetus has not been properly formed. But, that is not my choice to make. The law states it is the pregnant woman's choice.

There are many who don't like the phrase "war on women." But that is what is ongoing in Texas. More specifically it is a war on a woman's access to health care. In Texas they cut funding for family planning services that resulted in the closure of over 50 clinics. They also state a woman must be forced to hear a description of her fetus from her medical provider once she is confirmed as pregnant.

Many of us on the are lauding Wendy Davis as a hero for opposing a bill that would prevent late term abortion, but rather for fighting the closure of clinics in the state of Texas which would result from this bill ... which also restricts a woman's access to her legal rights under federal law, which is not just wrong, it's illegal.

This Texas legislation is not about life but rather about politics and anger.

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Anger about national trends which were most recently expressed by the Supreme Court's Defense of Marriage Act and California Prop 8 rulings, anger that abortion no longer seems to have an impact on national elections and anger that no matter how hard these groups try, Roe v. Wade is still the law of the land in these United States of America.

And this is not about stopping abortions. This legislation won't. Actually nothing will except preventing pregnancy, as I have said many times in the past.

So Wendy Davis is standing up for women's rights to choose under the law.  And if Texas breaks that law today, what's next for women tomorrow?

I believe health care decisions should be made between the patient and their physician. I also believe an abortion is a personal, not a political matter. So politicians, keep your legislature out of my uterus thank you. And "pro-lifers," be careful what you wish for. Maybe these women will keep their babies. And maybe those babies will grow up to be ... Democrats.  

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