Enough of the Boston Bombing Blame Game

I'm proud to be a Beantown gal and an American, and no bombs will change that.

Drones could have helped first responders and police in the chaos after the Boston Marathon blasts, a drone trade group says.

Let's stop the irresponsible blame game.

I'm a Beantown gal. I was born in Fall River, grew up in Somerset, went to Northeastern University undergrad and attended Emerson's graduate program. Boston is one of my favorite cities. The four seasons, the architecture, the history, the culture, the neighborhoods, the sports teams (sorry guys I'm a Red Sox fan), the food and ... the people.

Like many in Massachusetts, throughout most of my life I looked forward to Patriot's Day; the day of the Boston Marathon – a time when the city, and the world, come together: the runners, the visitors and just some looking for one great big party. I have fond memories of the marathon, having watched it from the street, the top of the Hub at the Prudential Center and a rooftop on Boylston Street. I have fond memories of that street as well ...Trinity Church, Copley Square, the Boston Library, Star Market, Lord & Taylor and many places that have come and gone, like Division Sixteen...

Today I received a phone call from my brother: Turn on the television. The last time someone called me with the sense or urgency and panic, it was September 11. I fearfully picked up the remote.

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I cried as I watched one of my favorite cities and one of my favorite streets filled with smoke, blood and tears from – last count when I wrote this – 140 injured, 2 dead, including an eight year old.

I cried as I watched what should have been a beautiful memory for so many go up in smoke, smoke of an explosion, most likely from a terrorist attack.

But what made me cry more was later, on CNN, analyst Peter Bergen said a right wing conservative extremist group could be blamed for this attack. And of course, those on twitter looking to blame a Muslim, foreigner, brown person, etc.

Have we learned nothing from 9/11 America?!? Haven't we learned we can't jump to conclusions? Let the FBI do their job. Let them do their investigation. They'll get the bad guy/s, they usually do.

[See photos from the aftermath of the attacks.]

But to hear people blame disgusts me.

I am a liberal, progressive Democrat and I'm proud to be. But it disgusts me when anyone points fingers at those on the right over such an attack as this. It is disgusting, it is irresponsible and it is stooping to the level of those who attack us. That is what the terrorists want, you know, for us to divide ... further for us to fight, to tear each other apart so they don't have to.

I am proud to be a Beantown gal. I am proud to be an American. And I am proud to be a patriot. And no number of bombs can change that.

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