Lone Star Attack Puts America's Addiction to Violence on Display

Our children are killing each other and if you really want to place blame, look in the mirror.

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A victim is loaded into an ambulance after being wounded in a stabbing attack on the Lone Star College campus in Cypress, Texas, on April 9, 2013.

At approximately 8:20 a.m. Pacific time, 11:20 a.m. Central time, as I was driving to the T.V. network where I am a contributor to make an appearance, I heard on the radio of an alleged stabbing at a college in Texas. And at least 14 people had been wounded.  

My first reaction was, I hope everyone is okay. Those poor kids and their parents, how worried they must be.

My second thought was, the NRA and those against gun control will have a field day with this. And those on the right will find someway to blame the president. And unfortunately they have; but, fortunately, their argument is not only weak, it's wrong.

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Guns don't kill, people do. Then most recently it was, guns don't kill, the ammo does. And now, after this, guns don't kill, knives do. And of course, with a sly smile, some questioned if Democrats would ban all knives. Ridiculous.

Let me tell you something, my dear fellow American: Guns can kill with or without ammo, knives can kill, bare hands can kill; the real answer is we kill. We kill each other. America has a problem. A big problem. America's problem is we have a culture of violence; and just like any addiction, the first step is admitting one has a problem, and we as a nation aren't there yet. 

The NRA and others have said let kids have guns on campuses, forgetting that the state of Texas, under a Republican Governor, joined 21 other U.S. states to ban guns on campuses. Also forgetting the overwhelming polling of the people in that state and students who said no to guns on campus. This from citizens of one of the most conservative states in our nation and some of the most conservative colleges.

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The NRA and others have said put armed guards in schools. Well,  there are armed security at most schools like Lone Star. That didnt' stop a shooting a few months back, nor the stabbing this week. And there were armed guards at Columbine, which obviously didn't do much good.

49 of America's 50 states issue conceal and carry permits to their citizens, but a college campus is different. A place for education is also a place for experimentation with sex, booze, drugs, etc. That's a bad mix with any weapon, especially a gun. If guns were allowed on campus legally, what would the headline that now reads 14 wounded have said?

If you go to any 12 step program, you will hear someone say, "hello...my name is...and I'm an..."; fill in the blanks. It is time for us to admit we have a problem. We have an addiction. Our addiction is violence. When will we stand up and say, "we are Americans and we are addicted to violence"?

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We are teaching this to our kids and we are failing our kids, our future. Our kids are killing each other and all we care to do is to politicize and place blame. Do we have a problem with mental illness in this country? Yes. Do we need universal background checks? Yes. Do we have too high a capacity on magazines for guns? Yes. Do we have weapons of mass destruction that only military and police should have? Yes.

Do our kids see far too much violence in movies, television  and video games? Yes. And hear it in the lyrics of popular songs? Yes  Do we have a general disrespect for each other in our society? Yes. Do we have a problem with fatherlessness in America? Yes. And do we as parents work too many hours to pay for that BMW and 60 inch television? Yes.

As Senator Harry Reid said, no piece of legislation will fix the problem of mass murder; but if we can save one life with a piece of legislation, don't we have the responsibility as citizens and human beings to do so?

And so I close with this. Dylan Andrew Quick, 20, allegedly used a razor utility knife to stab and cut fellow students at Lone Star College. Quick told police he has "had fantasies of stabbing people to death" since he was eight years old. He also indicated he had been planning the attack for "some time."

That's the key to all this, folks. Since he was eight, and no one noticed or no one dared to pay attention. Perhaps the parents, school, neighbors, family and friends were all too busy buying "stuff." Who knows.

But America, it's time we wake up. Our children are killing each other and if you really want to place blame, look in the mirror – for it's we that have taught them this hatred, ignored this rage and anger, didn't teach them to respect and were not paying enough attention.

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