Why Democrats Will Win the House in 2014

Despite lower approval ratings for President Obama, the Republican Party won't be able to keep their control of the House.

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This week President Obama's disapproval rating in the polls was higher than his approval rating. And some are already speculating that the Democrats' biggest obstacle to take over the House in 2014 is the President.

Obviously those speculators are forgetting that polls show a much larger disapproval of Congress. And Americans, so say the polls, dislike the Republicans more than the Democrats. They also blame the GOP for the sequestration. These speculators must have forgotten the election results this past November, when Democrats gained seats in both the House and the Senate.

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This is the president's second term. Historically, unless there is some big political Hail Mary event, Americans seem less enthusiastic about president's the second time around. It is pretty well known in Washington that the president wants a Democratic controlled House in the next election, making it easier for him to get legislation passed that he has promised the American people. Looking at the new face (literally) of the voting population (Hispanics, African-Americans and women), I don't think Democrats have anything or anyone in their way to take over the House in 2014. 

Now certainly the seats that are up for grabs are in very red Republican conservative territory, but the American people are clear: work together and get something done Congress or we'll vote you out.

Another reason I see the Democrats being able to capture the 17 seats they need to have a majority in the House? The Republican Party. It's badly divided. It lacks leadership. And I'm not sure the GOP knows who they want to be when they grow up.

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And if you factor in two Republican governors, Chris Christie of New Jersey and Rick Scott of Florida, who were very outspoken against the president's Affordable Care Act, and who are now gladly embracing the Medicaid extension and happily taking the federal government's cash: This shows that the president's "agenda" thus far has been successful. Repeal and replace what?

So the president is not in the Democrats' way. And I'm not worried about a few polls that show a dip in the president's approval rating. Because from where I sit, the road to a Democratic takeover of the House looks pretty clear right now. 

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