The GOP's Offensive State of the Union Antics

Republicans insulted women and Hispanics with the actions during and after the State of the Union address.

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Vice President Joe Biden applauds as President Barack Obama gives his State of the Union address during a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday Feb. 12, 2013. House Speaker JohnBoehner of Ohio sits at right.

This was the president's fifth State of the Union Address ... and in my opinion, his best. It was unifying, honest, well written and delivered, and touched upon nearly every need addressing America and her people.

But there was much going on during the State of the Union address and after that offended me.

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For starters, House Speaker John Boehner. I understand he knows the camera is on him at all times, but this man didn't clap when the president spoke of job creation? When the economy is still a top concern among Americans? And how about when the president praised the military, did John Boehner rise to his feet then? No. Or how about getting to your feet, Mr. B., when a 102-year-old woman waited six hours in line to vote? I don't care what your political party is; it's not political to show respect for your elders! 

And speaking of waiting hours to vote, why would Republicans want any constituents to wait that long? Perhaps the reason the GOP lost so many of their incumbents and seats in both the House and the Senate and lost the White House might just be that those who would of voted for them got sick of standing in line? Hmm? But when the president addressed the need to repair our broken voting process, the Republicans remained stuck to their seats.

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As a woman, I was further offended by Republican women who refused to stand when the president spoke of women getting equal pay for the same job a man does. I guess Republican females who are in Congress don't care because they do get the same pay as a man; but ladies, that's not the case for all of us out here outside the Beltway. Do they honestly honor their party more than their gender or their fellow women? No wonder we keep electing men to run our nation.

And lastly, when Sen. Marco Rubio delivered the GOP response in both English and Spanish, I was offended for the Hispanics of our great nation. Does the GOP think that just because they put one of their people of color forward with a Hispanic last name who can speak Spanish that the Latinos of America will forget how the GOP kept putting off immigration reform? That the GOP considered a pathway to citizenship a pathway to amnesty? And how about votes against the DREAM Act? Or labeling unborn children "anchor babies"? And trying to state they shouldn't be citizens if they're born in the United States (which is completely contrary to our Constitution by the way)? The only reason the GOP is pandering to the Hispanic population of this country is because they desperately need their votes. Hey Latinos, forget the fact we voted against any piece of legislation that would help you and your community—we like you now! Vote for us! Please ... does the GOP think the Hispanic community is stupid? Or won't remember the sins, I mean the voting record of the past? It was so ridiculous, I'm surprised Rubio wasn't eating a taco and doing a shot of tequila while delivering it.

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