When Will the Boy Scouts Get Over Its Homophobia?

The Boy Scouts of America can't continue their policy excluding gay scouts and leaders from the organization.

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As the nation braced itself for perhaps a very surprising, yet mostly symbolic turn of events, the Boy Scouts of America announced this week that it will delay their decision until May on whether to allow gay troop members. Now just last week, they announced they were considering allowing local chapters to decide for themselves whether or not to specifically bar gay young people and adult leaders from joining. So what changed? Why the delay? Apparently there was an outpouring of protest from religious organizations with the Boy Scouts now saying it will wait until a meeting of its entire national council in May before considering changing the policy. Religious groups such as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and the Southern Baptist Convention are happy with this decision. About 70 percent of troop units are backed by a religious organization, and many troops hold their meetings in places of worship.

But let's admit it. Even if the decision was made today to allow both gay members and gay troop leaders into the Boy Scouts, it would be mostly symbolic as local chapters would be free to decide on their own whether to "let the gays in," so to speak.

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It is 2013. Why don't we recognize this and call this what it is? Homophobia. Discrimination. Lack of tolerance. All these are very non-Christian values. What happened to not judging? Loving the sinner not the sin? Those without sin cast...well, you get the point. And let's also admit this is not just about homophobia or discrimination. It isn't even just about religion or the Bible so many Christians profess to follow; it's about ignorance. Pat Robertson on his 700 Club on national television claimed that if the Scouts lift the ban on gays, we will see "predators as Boy Scouts, pedophiles who will come in as scoutmasters."

So let's talk about facts, shall we? This week on my radio show, I spoke to a few troop leaders. They told me their troops number to about 35 kids—there are eight to 10 male (straight I presume) troop leaders and four den mothers. I find it hard with these numbers to imagine a child being taken aside and being alone with any troop leader, since that seems to be one of the concerns of the homophobic community—fear that a gay troop leader would "turn their kid gay" or teach their kids "gay ways."

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When I asked callers what "gay ways" were, one responded that gay men aren't strong and don't know how to fight. Obviously that caller is oblivious to the numerous gay men in our military, who play professional sports, who are firefighters, police officers and so on.

I consider it all fear. My husband, a straight man, has no problem with gay men. He is not afraid of them, perhaps because he is secure within his own manhood, his own sexuality.

Now the discussion of whether someone is born gay or chooses to be is for another blog; but even if one "chooses" to be gay, why on Earth would a gay man want to "turn" a straight guy? You can't believe everything you see on shows like Queer Nation, OK?

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And let's get back to harming children. Are the teachers that molest children gay or straight? How about the Catholic priests? The fact is, there are over 800 missing children in America. Their abductors? Mostly male. But are they gay or straight? A pedophile is a sick, twisted pervert who likes to harm little children. And since men molest little girls, the argument that pedophiles are "gay" doesn't hold water with me, nor with the statistics.

It is 2013 and we should stop lumping kind, upstanding members of our society who are gay males with pedophiles who belong in prison—and in this liberal's mind preferably dead. If the Boy Scouts of America don't want to allow scouts or their leaders who are gay into the fold, then they better change their name: For America has straight and gay men as well as gay and straight boys, who I believe have every right to be a Boy Scout if they so choose.

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