The Real Victims in Israel and Palestine Are the Children

The children in Israel and Palestine need to be fed with food and education, not bombs and violence.

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Palestinian paramedics rush a wounded woman to Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City after a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip struck a West Bank settlement south of Jerusalem.

As most of us get ready to show our thanks by sitting down with friends and family and a great spread of food with a turkey at the center, the children in Gaza point their fingers at the sky, pretending they can defeat the K15 missiles and drones that they see flying above. This game that has been a part of daily life, and the culture in the Middle East is no game and is nothing to be thankful for.

Israel states they are simply defending themselves. They are sending "warnings" to evacuate. Yet numerous innocent men, women, and children are dying in the wake of these attacks that have been going on nonstop now for nearly a week.

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Growing up with one Jewish parent, one Christian, I had always been raised to be "pro-Israel." Having spent an extended period of time there in 1996, my position changed to being "pro-peace."

There is a saying that violence begats violence. The constant bombing of Gaza only plays into Hamas's hands, as they run the hospitals, provide the food and the medicine. Perhaps that is why Hamas was freely elected by some of the Palestinian people. 

Granted Hamas is a terrorist organization who refuses to revoke its charter and and also continues to refuse Israel's right to exist. But we forget the biggest victim in all of this.....and that is the children.

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I ask you America, do some feel perhaps that an Israeli child's life is worth more than that of a Palestinian child's life? And for those that find that an odd or offensive question, I have another question for you to ponder: If 20 Israeli children had been killed by bombings in five days would there be outrage in our nation? And if so, where is the outrage for the nearly two dozen children that have been killed in the span of a week by Israel?

For every missile that is launched, and every bomb that is dropped, it is the children of Gaza who stand to suffer most. For they comprise more than 50 percent of the entire population of the 1.7 million people of Gaza, so they're an easier target just by their mere numbers. (More than half of Gaza is under 18). That is nearly a million children, America. We cry for the unborn. Where are the cries for these children? For those born who suffer from the bloodshed they have seen? Who have been used as human shields? Who dodge bullets to try to go to school—when their schools are open? They wet their beds, have nightmares, will grow up to be emotionally damaged and perhaps, when we teach them violence will only turn to violence in their future.

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I was once told, if you're hungry and the devil gives you a sandwich, you will follow him. Hamas and other terrorists have proven that. Israel needs to feed these children with food and education, not bombs and violence and hatred. And until that happens, not matter who we send—be it the new Egyptian government to intervene, or even former President Bill Clinton as Sen. John McCain suggested—nothing will be accomplished.

And there will never be peace in the Middle East until we face that fact. And in continuing to ignore that, both Israel and the United States are perhaps creating our future enemies rather than allies.

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