Scott Walker's Wisconsin Recall Win Is No Surprise

They say it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings…and she is singing the blues for the people of Wisconsin.

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As I sit here at my computer writing this blog, CNN has just announced Gov. Scott Walker's victory in the Wisconsin election to recall his seat. And I'm not surprised.

Scott Walker outraised Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett 8-to-1, and a majority of those funds came from outside the state of Wisconsin. Scott Walker should thank the Supreme Court and the Citizens United decision for his victory, not the people of Wisconsin.

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Whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, this is a man who did not campaign nor notify his constituents about his plans to attack unions, union workers, and not only take away the ability to sit down at the collective bargaining table, but hey, take away that table!

The people of Wisconsin have spoken. And some will say they have spoken twice. To many, this recall was like having their day in court. Others, as I'm sure the pundits on the right will argue, will complain about the recall election's cost, time, etc.

Living in a state (California) where we had a recall and where that recall was successful for the Republicans, it is amazing to hear the hypocrisy among those on the right with regards to how wrong and unnecessary a recall is. Even though in California they won and replaced Gov. Gray Davis with a celebrity with no experience and no business being governor, who clearly didn't know what he was doing and left California worse off than Davis would have. And I believe, as the years pile up, we'll see that not only was this recall in Wisconsin necessary, but that the victory for Scott Walker is not a victory for the people of Wisconsin, as I believe Mr. Walker will leave the state worse off,  especially for not only union workers, but for the working class, the middle class, the majority….and who will be left to speak for them?

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Long before the Citizens United decision, long before there were Super PACs and billions of dollars being poured into political campaigns, there were (and still are) unions, fighting for the rights of the middle class people, the middle class workers, and the rich, like Mr. Walker and those who support him, trying to silence their voices, cut their pay, remove their health benefits, and eventually take their jobs and outsource them to who knows: China, India, Brazil….pick one.

They say it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings…and she is singing the blues for the people of Wisconsin. And as she sings the blues, I am confident that the state of Wisconsin will remain that lovely color of blue in November. For although Scott Walker won, President Obama, according to those same exit polls, is leading Mitt Romney by 6 percent. And that makes me want to sing!

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