Mitt Romney's Bain History Deserves Scrutiny

Voters deserve to know about Romney's work history before they hire him for the job as president.

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I have been a talk show host for 23 years. If you were hiring me for a radio job, would you want to look at my resume? My work history? I'm sure the answer is yes. So why are so many people, both left and right, attacking the president for pointing out a company which Mitt Romney founded and ran, Bain Capital?

Polls show that most Americans don't care about Bain Capital. But the American people do care about the economy and jobs, specifically job creation. They don't care about who bullied who in high school, they don't care if you eat a dog or put it in a cage on the roof of your car, and they don't really care about your religion or what a former pastor of yours might have said as you sat in the pew. As James Carville once said, "It's the economy, stupid!" And it still is.

Mitt Romney is going to be the GOP candidate for the presidency. In an age of transparency, nearly every aspect of his past will be looked at with a microscope. So why the uproar over the Bain Capital attacks?! Are we questioning his citizenship, his religion, his skin color (black or biracial?), as was done with President Obama?

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Mitt Romney, not Barack Obama, put Bain Capital on the table, and besides, all is fair in love, war, and politics, especially during a presidential election year.

Mitt Romney opened the door to this discussion when he stated he wasn't a politician, even though he was governor of Massachusetts. Mitt Romney opened this door when he said he was a businessman and would run the country as he had run his former businesses in the private sector.  If that's his claim, then I as a voter want to know, Mr. Romney, how did you run your businesses?

Mitt Romney ran Bain Capital for 14 years. With his claims of how he will run this country, this is certainly a company on his resume we must examine. Where is the proof of those 100,000 jobs he claims to have created?! How many millions did he profit from the thousands of jobs he sent overseas? And how much did he save in taxes by having his money follow those jobs overseas to offshore bank accounts?

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Those criticizing the president and his administration for the attacks on Bain Capital, had better wake up. I don't care if they're the mayor of Newark (who took campaign contributions from Bain), there is one question we all must answer come November: Do we want our current president running the show for the next four years? Or Mitt Romney? And how can anyone make that decision if we do not examine their past work history? 

And to my fellow Democrats…wake up! Stop criticizing President Obama, or you might wake up to President-elect Romney in November. Don't come crying to me then, and stop your whining about Bain Capital now. It is not just the president's right to address this; it's his responsibility to show the American voters just what his opponent did while at Bain Capital, and what he put into play. The American people need to know who they want to vote for, or against.

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