What Else Is Mitt Romney Hiding Besides His Taxes?

Details from Mitt Romney's financial past trickle out.

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What I've learned this week:

Former Gov. Mitt Romney is refusing to release his tax returns to the American people until April. Big surprise. We always hold things from others we want to hide. But what will we find that we don't already know? That Mr. Romney is the upper 1 percent of the 1 percent? And it's not the 2011 tax return we're concerned with, it's the returns for those years Mr. Romney was at Bain Capital; how much did he make? And could he have taken a smaller paycheck to save 150 jobs in South Carolina, or 185 jobs in Buffalo, N.Y., or a couple of hundred jobs in Indiana...

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The Cayman Islands isn't just a great place to vacation, scuba dive, or visit Stingray City, it's also a great place for rich people to hide their money, tax free! Well, I wouldn't know that being that I'm not rich; but Americans should.

Americans should know whether Mr. Romney, who tells us he wants to run our country if elected like he ran his businesses in the private sector, wanted to give back and help stimulate the American economy by avoiding further taxation keeping his funds in hiding in the Caribbean. I'm sure the people of the Cayman Islands are quite pleased that Mr. Romney has contributed to job growth there.

For the voter, it can't just be about "anyone but Obama." It has to be about the best choice for America. And in order to make that decision, Americans need to be informed. My thought is, if Mr. Romney was hiding his money overseas, what else is he hiding? And I'm sure in an election year, we'll find out.

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