What's Next for Mitt Romney After New Hampshire Win

It's no surprise that Romney won New Hampshire; it's what comes next that everyone is watching.

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Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire primary, no big surprise. And Romney will win the GOP nomination as well, in my opinion. Now the Republicans who have found every excuse to distance themselves from Romney--"anyone but Romney"--are going to have to figure out who they hold more disdain for: Romney or President Obama. Whether it be Romney's religion, his more moderate stand, his healthcare reform individual mandate on while governor of Massachusetts, his flip then flop from prochoice to prolife and, the fact he's completely a Washington outsider, which the ole school GOP definitely doesn't favor. Will the Republicans, who didn't want to ask this candidate to dance, ask him to marry them come November? Of course they will.

The religious right will embrace Mormonism as an extension of Christianity; they'll forget that Mitt was prochoice and ignore social issues where they find him to be more moderate. Like Sen. John McCain has done, they'll put their old hostilities aside, to try to unseat President Obama.

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Now it was a given that Mitt Romney would win New Hampshire: he owns a home there, he was governor of Massachusetts which borders New Hampshire, and the voters are more moderate—nearly half of them are registered as "undeclared" when it comes to their political platform. And it's a given that Mitt Romney will not win South Carolina, he's just not conservative or Christian enough, let's face it.

And despite the fact that Mr. Romney made the gaffe with his "fire people" remark; the people of New Hampshire want him to be their man, their GOP candidate. By the way, although the "fire people" remark was taken out of context, it does show how out of touch Mr. Romney is with 99 percent of Americans (that includes Republicans too); and it was completely insensitive to the approximate 8.5 percent of Americans who are unemployed and became unemployed by being "fired." As an intelligent man, it was a stupid choice of words; but not a deal breaker for Republicans, not a deal breaker for Romney fans.

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So I think it's pretty much set that Mr. Romney is going to be standing on that GOP platform, draped in red, saying whatever he can to get the conservatives to embrace him and the independents to vote for him. But who will be No. 2? Who will come in second with the primaries ahead? And will Mr. Romney look to those other GOP contenders to stand by his side possibly as his vice president? Would a conservative Catholic like former Sen. Rick Santorum help with the religious right? Would putting Ron Paul on Romney's ticket prevent Paul from running as an independent and stop him from splitting the vote a la Ralph Nader? Or will Mitt do as has been speculated and go to Sen. Marco Rubio in the hopes of gaining the Latino vote for the GOP?

Politics is a game. But what the American people must remember, is that whoever stands on that GOP platform, most likely Romney, is in a game to win the presidency of this country, a job that isn't a game, a job that can keep us safe from terrorists and terrorism, change our standing in the international community for better or worse, and of course, affect legislation. Although it is the economy stupid, this is not a game, this is real life, and who we vote for will directly affect each and everyone of us.

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