Penn State's Mike McQueary Guilty of Not Protecting Children

Do we care more about football than the victims of a heinous crime?

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They say it takes a village to raise a child. I say, that village needs to protect that child too.

Mike McQueary did not.

Nine years ago, he walked in on someone from the Penn State coaching fraternity allegedly raping a child. And then he did the unthinkable: He walked out. Knowing that child would be raped further, knowing possibly other children would be victims of this predator.

Why didn't he stop it? Can you imagine if the child looked up, saw McQueary and thought, "Finally, someone to stop this, to help me, to save me…"

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Mike McQueary is not the only one who let this child and any other victims of this alleged rapist down; Penn State has and the legal authorities in the state of Pennsylvania have.

In my opinion, Mike McQueary should not be coaching. Mike McQueary should not be employed by Penn State. Mike McQueary should not only have been fired, but he should have been charged. He witnessed and did not stop a violent crime against a minor, a child.

I don't know how Mike McQueary looks at himself in the mirror each day.

In my opinion, if you walk in on a crime, especially when a child is the victim and you do nothing to stop it, you're a coward; worse, how can you call yourself a human being?

Throughout the course of nine years, a legendary head coach has been fired, a longtime president has been fired, and both an athletic director and vice president face charges of perjury. None of those men actually witnessed the sex abuse/rape allegedly committed by former coach Jerry Sandusky.

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At the time, McQueary was a former graduate assistant; now he's an assistant coach. Great, promote an enabler.

Isn't that the message Penn State was sending? We care more about football than the victims of such a heinous crime?

This weekend Penn State takes on Nebraska. At first McQueary was going to be there, in the box, now ESPN just reported he won't be at the game; but he's still on the payroll.

If you want to truly show the victim that you support him more than football, boycott the Penn State game.

It's the least we as a village can do.

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