Why Herman Cain Scares Me

The once 'joke' presidential candidate is now posing a various serious threat to American civil liberties and the economy.

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When Herman Cain said he was on the GOP panel of candidates for the presidency for comic relief, I laughed, because I thought "this guy's a joke."  But he isn't. The polls show he is gaining more and more acceptance and popularity among those on the right; and, the facts show, this man is dangerous.

Let's start with Mr. Cain's racism. I believe he is a bigot.

From saying that a Muslim would have to go through certain requirements to ensure he or she isn't a terrorist to work for him, to stating that communities should be able to ban mosques from their cities and towns, Cain has made several bigoted statements.

I am sure that the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would roll in his grave listening to Mr. Cain's remarks. And Mr. Cain forgets where he came from. He grew up in the segregated, racist South. Has Mr. Cain looked in the mirror lately?

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Or how about glancing at our Constitution? Dr. King gave his life for to ensure the civil rights for all Americans, Muslims included. And how about that First Amendment? You remember that one, something about religious freedom for all?! Hmmm.

Having a Muslim prove he isn't a terrorist is as bigoted as requiring a black man (like Cain) prove he isn't lazy, living on welfare, and father to numerous children with different mothers. Both are disgusting negative stereotypes and are not true.

Oh yes, I know, Mr. Cain apologized to the Muslim community; like Mel Gibson apologized to the Jewish community. An apology doesn't change one's heart nor one's prejudices.

And speaking of bigotry, how about toward his own community, African-Americans?

His 9-9-9 plan makes me want to call 9-1-1!

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This plan benefits the rich and places the tax burden on the middle and lower income families in America; the African-American community would be hit especially hard.

Let's look at a few of the problems with the 9-9-9 plan, shall we?

  • Capital Gains: This would ensure that a large portion of the rich's income would essentially go untaxed. Middle and lower income families do not have the resources to invest and benefit from this tax break.
  • Cutting the federal budget by 70 percent: The federal government is one of the largest employers in the United States. How many people would lose their jobs as a result of this?
  • Does the 9 percent apply to purchasing homes? Stocks? What about businesses?
  • Where's the math to prove that this would work?
  • When it comes to sales tax, this would amount to a tax increase for the middle, lower, and poorer income levels in America.
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    Herman Cain says on his website that he has top economists and well known people who back the 9-9-9 plan and can speak to its merit; yet he refuses to list them.

    A vote for Herman Cain, in my opinion, is a vote for moving backward. Back before our civil rights laws, perhaps even before the First Amendment, as Mr. Cain has repeatedly dodged the question regarding former Gov. Mitt Romney's Mormon religion being a cult or not Christian.

    The bottom line is, if you want to be commander in chief of this country, you need to be able to make decisions to benefit all of this country: black, white and yes, Muslim. Oh, and Mr. Perry, that means Mormons as well.

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