With Chris Christie Out, GOP Should Embrace Mitt Romney

Republicans should take comfort in the fact the Chris Christie was not the man for the job.

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And the answer is….the same it has been all along folks!

I have a confession to make: I am not running for president. It doesn't feel right. OK, I jest; but Chris Christie wasn't. Tuesday he made the announcement again, and again, and again--you get my point--that he is not running for president, much to many Republicans' disappointment.

Now Chris Christie will tell you it doesn't "feel" right. And his gut is right on at least in that respect.

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Christie was elected to govern the state of New Jersey. He hasn't been in office long enough to be perceived as a success or failure. We all know about him using a state helicopter to attend his kid's sporting event and how refusing the Jersey Shore's request for a tax credit showed he was acting much like a dictator; distributing tax credits to businesses based on his like or dislike of them,  also ignoring the fact that the program creates jobs in his state.

I don't understand why after remarks as strong as "short of committing suicide" by Christie that Republicans and the world would not believe he was not running until his announcement Tuesday. I also don't understand why Republicans felt that this was their Messiah. Let's face it, Christie ain't no Reagan and that is who I think the GOP keep searching for if only in their hearts.

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Sure Christie might have knocked Romney off the podium; but he would not have been able to garner the support needed by the Christian right, old school GOP, and Tea Party members. So bringing Christie into the game would have left the Republicans exactly where they are now: with a candidate that has the most appeal among their moderates as opposed to their base and might get a chunk of the independent voters that the Rick Perrys of this world cannot impress.

Personally, as a liberal progressive Democrat, I think that Romney is the best candidate the GOP has. They know it and are in denial; and I hope it stays that way. Romney's their candidate. He is the most presidential, appeals to the widest audience and is the most difficult for President Obama to beat. I can only hope they continue to drag their feet in supporting him.

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In addition to lack of experience, Chris Christie also has a temper; that might work in Jersey (I lived in Fort Lee as a child), but not in Washington, and certainly not if you're trying to broker a deal in the Middle East.

As for his weight? Although it shouldn't matter it does. It shows a lack of discipline (believe me I know, I lost 70 lbs after my daughter was born). If you don't think a president's image matters, just look at Vladmir Putin's photos!

The bottom line is Chris Christie isn't the man for the job and he knows it. He is the man to be New Jersey's governor. The people elected him to that job and he should serve his term. Which reminds me, remember when people we elected to office actually served their term?!

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