Republican Debate Should Have Been Called 'The Biggest Losers'

Mitt Romney pretty much remained the frontrunner because no one “debated” him.


And the winner is… nobody!

As Americans, we always like to talk about who won or who lost. I am reminded of a time when I was in a café in San Francisco and the World Cup was on. I was sitting next to a woman who was cheering for the Netherlands because she is from there; they were playing Trinidad/Tobago. The game tied up, the broadcast went to commercial, and she, as well as the rest of the café, emptied out. I asked her, “Aren’t you going to wait to see who won?”

She laughed and said, “God, you’re so American.”

I am, I confess, and so are you if you wanted to know who won or lost the Republican debate in New Hampshire Monday night. I was on the air doing my national radio show when the debate first aired; I was curious “who won” so I looked online and read about how great Michele Bachmann did, and then I went to my DVR to tune in. And I was not pleasantly surprised. [See a slide show of GOP 2012 contenders.]

Firstly, this wasn’t a debate. Yes, Michele Bachmann did better than expected, showing that she’s smarter than a fifth grader and does have the experience to run for this office, unlike other women who might throw their name in the ring. But she did a great job cheerleading, for a Republican pep rally; she didn’t debate anyone or anything. She also didn’t say anything new. No one did. Nor did anyone have any real solutions to the numerous problems they all spouted. One thing is clear, they all know who their opponent is and who is to blame for nearly every problem on the planet: President Obama. I think they said his name nearly as many times as George W. Bush cited 9/11. If I were the president, I would have sent them thank-you notes for reminding America who is in charge.

I was very disappointed with the spectacle of seven I saw on stage. Is this all the Republicans have to offer to compete against Obama? Pretty pathetic. I’m confident he’ll have a second term. [Check out political cartoons about the 2012 GOP field.]

Mitt Romney pretty much remained the frontrunner because no one “debated” him. The best line all night came from Romney who threw out the Bruins score. (What can I say? I’m from Boston!)

Tim Pawlenty seems to have forgotten that he is running for president. He spent a lot of time kissing up to Sarah Palin and giving credit for a great line (Obamneycare) to the president! He was so weak, I shudder at such a coward leading this nation.

Newt Gingrich should be given credit for being so confident despite the chaos of his own campaign and his entire team bailing on him; his remarks on Medicare were right on. Imagine, listening to the American people—what a concept! [Vote now: Who won Monday night's GOP debate?]

And while Herman Cain got attention after South Carolina, he caught my eye as he dug a deeper hole with his bigoted answers. Imagine a separate set of questions when interviewing someone based on their religion. Has Mr. Cain ever heard of the Civil Rights Act?! Furthermore, as a man of color, does he realize what he was saying?

I heard a lot of complaints, a lot of problems with no solutions. I heard a lot of blaming Obama, and I heard very little on the economy, and I am almost certain I never heard the words jobs—unless someone was blaming the president for not single-handedly creating some. Less big government, hmmm.

I am not a big reality TV show fan myself, but after Monday night’s display of the Republicans' biggest losers, I think next time around, I might just watch a bunch of fat people try to become thin, with a pint of Haagen Daz by my side, of course.

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