Rep. Anthony Weiner Joins the Bipartisan Ranks of Stupid Men

Why is it when men have so much going for them, they risk it all for a sexual dalliance?

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I believe it was Forrest Gump, the character in the movie of the same name who said: “Stupid is as stupid does.” And wow, was he right.

Let me introduce you to some “stupid” men--and I stress men:

Mark Foley, William Clinton, Larry Craig, Mark Sanford, Eliot Spitzer, David Vitter, John Ensign, Chris Lee, John Edwards, Arnold Schwarzenager, and of course, our newest winner of the “stupid” contest, Anthony Weiner. I made this intentionally bipartisan because the issue of men doing stupid things that involve their private parts is clearly bipartisan.

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Why is it when so many men have so much going for them—career on the rise (no pun intended), great wife, kids perhaps—that they risk it all for a sexual dalliance, whether it be full-fledged adultery (flesh on flesh), or the cybersex kind, through social networking sites?

My mother once told me, "Leslie, never write anything down you don’t want the world to see." And she was right. In this day and age of our super-information highway, whether by Wiki or Breitbart or social networking sites like twitter and facebook, it’s easy to put information out there. It’s also obvious MANY people will see it or find out about it. I think my four-year-old knows that if you show your pee pee in your undies, someone’s gonna find out. And especially if you’re a sitting U.S. congressman. [Vote now: Should Weiner resign over lewd photos?]

With all of the gold diggers looking for their 15 seconds of fame and hoping for a fat paycheck to go along with that, how could anyone be so stupid?

Now, earlier I stressed men, and I meant it. I am sorry to sound like the bra-burning feminist that I am, but guys, just because they say a stiff penis has no conscience is no reason to prove the 'ole adage true! [Read Roff: Weiner Apology Should End Twitter Scandal.]

Aristophanes, who wrote Lysistrata, one of my favorite plays, which is about women withholding sex to stop men from fighting wars—withholding sex for peace--might have been on to something.

I am so sick and tired of hearing about men’s “sex addictions,” or that “men have needs,” because, sorry guys, I do too. And I would never do anything so ridiculously stupid to mess up my marriage, my family, and my radio and television career. [Read Stiehm: Palin, Weiner, Edwards Should Show More Shame.]

Think of it folks, you’re standing there in your underwear, and you think, “Hey, I’ve got an erection, I’m gonna take a photo and send it out to people (women in this case) on Twitter! Who cares that I just got married?! Who cares that I’m a sitting congressman?! Who cares that I might run for Mayor? The thrill might just be worth it."

So, I hope it was, Representative Weiner. And as for those who say this wasn’t cheating: Bull. It’s emotional adultery, and if my man did that, it would be a deal breaker.

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