6 Myths About Obama's Libya Policy

A response to the attacks on the president coming from both the left and the right.


I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!

What am I mad about? The attacks on the president coming from both the left and the right. Well, here are the accusations and here is my response:

The president violated the Constitution with our involvement in Libya

The president did not violate the Constitution. First, this isn’t a war; we, as followers of the international community through the United Nations, imposed a no fly zone and a cease fire, to which there were consequences specifically outlined in Resolution 1973. Second, according to The War Powers Act of 1973, the president can send troops without congressional approval if there is an emergency. I ask you, is genocide an emergency? The answer is yes. The president has to notify Congress within 48 hours. The resolution was passed on a Thursday, he notified Congress on a Friday, that’s 24 hours by the way.  And the president has 60 days to get congressional approval (we’re in day six of this now so he has 54 left), and if they do not give him that approval, he has 30 days to bring those troops home. When George W. Bush got congressional approval to invade Iraq, he received that approval based on a lie. Is presenting false information to Congress to get the vote and outcome you desire unconstitutional? I wonder. [Read Robert Schlesinger: Is Obama's War on Libya Constitutional?]

The president should be impeached for his actions in Libya

Then so should have Harry S. Truman for the Korean War, Bill Clinton for the Bosnian War, and George W. Bush for the second Liberian war and the 2004 Haitian Rebellion. On at least 125 occasions, the president has acted without prior express military authorization from Congress. These include instances in which the United States fought in Korea 1950, the Philippine-American War from 1898–1903, and in Nicaragua in 1927. [See photos of the unrest in Libya.]

We can’t afford this!

Then where was the outrage when we dropped bombs, then sandwiches, then overthrew the Taliban who seem to be in control of Afghanistan again to the tune of nearly $500 billion!? And how about Iraq? The invasion of that sovereign nation has cost us $802 billion. And by the end of fiscal year 2011, that total will be $1.29 trillion, with a “t” folks. And they’re talking about Libya costing us approximately one billion in months!? [See political cartoons about Afghanistan.]

The American people don’t want this!

The American people also don’t want us to remain in Iraq or Afghanistan and haven’t for years. Unlike his predecessor, this president, Barack Obama, will listen to the people and bring our troops home as he already proved with the troops who were brought home from Iraq. By the way, the American people also want immigration reform, public workers to keep their collective bargaining rights and affordable healthcare. Obviously the president isn’t the only one who hasn’t been listening to the people.  [See photos of U.S. troops in Afghanistan.]

The president was out of town when this happened and troops were injured!

The president doesn’t need to be sitting in the Oval Office, the war room or the situation room when a resolution is being carried out by international forces any more than George W. Bush had to stay in D.C. during the majority of his presidency while we were involved in two wars: Iraq and Afghanistan. Why was it okay for George W. Bush to go to his ranch in Crawford or to Camp David and not okay for President Obama to be striking deals to help us have more affordable oil, advanced technology, and perhaps job creation due to future consumerism in Latin America at this time? It is terrible that anyone is injured in a military conflict. Our military is the best without a doubt. The brave men and women who defend our freedoms along with those people in other nations, whether it be Iraq, Afghanistan or yes, America, Libya, that is unfortunately a risk they take in fighting for such freedoms. [See photos of the Obamas behind the scenes.]

We’re failing in Libya!

Hello. This started on Friday. Let’s give it more than a week, shall we? No wonder we have a 54 percent divorce rate; people don’t want to stick with something until it’s finished. The president said this mission will be handed off to the allies leading the mission, perhaps within days. He also stated our military will not step foot in Libya–no ground troops will be sent in. [Check out a roundup of political cartoons on the Middle East protests.]

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