Leslie Marshall

February 2011

Obama Should Freeze Aid to Mubarak to Support Egypt Protests

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“Let my people go!” That is what Moses asked centuries ago in the desert of the pharaoh.

And now, the descendants of that pharaoh are asking to be freed, but this time of the 30-year dictator Hosni Mubarak.

[See photos of the Egypt protests.]

And now it is time for we the people of the United States,

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Obama, Barack
McCain, John
national security terrorism and the military
foreign aid

Healthcare Decision Shows Justice Is Not Just, It's Politics

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I was one of those kids who liked to argue—about anything, with anyone. So my family thought it best that I become a lawyer. They imagined me winning great battles in a courtroom. When I graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, where I hail from, I got a job as a temp at a law firm and ...

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tea party
Alito, Samuel
health care reform
Republican Party
Democratic Party
Supreme Court
Schumer, Chuck

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