Business as Usual Under New Republican Majority

Change? Not so much.

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Remember the song from the Jackson Five “one, two, three, it’s as easy as do, re, mi…?”

Well that’s about how long it took for Republicans to break all three of their promises, or as they call them “pledges,” to the American people. To the people that voted for them in the midterm elections. Those people voted for the GOP “pledge” to:

-cut spending

-create jobs

-reform the way Washington works

Even before they take office, the Republicans have violated all three of those promises. So let’s address each broken promise, shall we?

The Republicans promised to cut spending and reduce the federal deficit. In fact the Republican plan to repeal healthcare reform will actually increase the deficit. By releasing new budget rules that allow the Budget Committee to make appropriate budget adjustments to account for the repeal of the reform law before adopting a fiscal 2012 budget plan, this includes various things that would make it possible to repeal the legislation without running into points of orders. In addition to increasing deficits and being bad for the budget, it shows the hypocrisy of the Republicans who ran on a fiscally conservative platform.

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And the promise to create jobs? How many jobs will be created in either the public or private sector by eliminating healthcare reform legislation? None.

How about reforming the way Washington works? Oh that’s too funny. Republicans are exploring the possibility of holding a repeal vote early next year that would bypass committee review and House rules requiring legislation to be paid for. So the Republicans would skirt the pay-go requirements! That doesn’t sound like a new way of doing business in Washington, does it? Sounds like the same back door, back room deals to me: Getting legislation passed anyway you can; even if you violate existing budget rules and Congressional rules.

Even Republicans have admitted, such as in a memo of FreedomWorks that the healthcare reform legislation would reduce the deficit; but they claim it’s by a small amount. Question: since when is $143 billion a small amount?!? And this is by the party promising to reduce the deficit, cut spending, ah yeah.

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And of course right wingers like Dick Armey harp on their philosophy that no one should have to pay to repeal an unconstitutional bill (which two of three judges thus far have upheld as constitutional), especially one whose tax hikes and spending streams haven’t begun yet.

So I hope you’re happy America. You get what you pay for. Or in this case, who you voted for. You voted for candidates to cut spending, create jobs and reform the way Washington does business. And all you got were a bunch of liars who hopped on the same old political band wagon.  So when the Republicans are spending the better part of the next year repealing healthcare reform; don’t call me whining about the rise in our deficit, the lack of job creation, how the economy hasn’t turned around yet, why our borders aren’t secure and why we don’t have a substantial immigration reform package; because the incumbents you threw out like babies with the bathwater tried. And the newbies have been clear about their agenda. Unseat Obama. Repeal healthcare reform. No matter how much it costs, how long it takes and what toll it places upon we the American people.

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