California Illegal Immigrant Decision Shows Need for Dream Act

Why the California decision makes sense.

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I get Google alerts daily. They alert me to things I’ve said or done or things people accuse me of saying. So today I see this Google alert that says: “Leslie Marshall said on Fox News today that she supports people coming to America illegally and using United States Of America Tax Dollars for educating ...” huh??? Wait a minute! I hear the needle being scratched on the record! I also would recommend hitting the replay button!

I was responding to a question regarding the California court ruling allowing illegal immigrants who reside in California to be given the reduced tuition that other California residents who are citizens receive. Out of state potential students who are citizens are outraged.

Let me be clear--(sorry, sidebar: just heard former Sen. Larry Craig saying “let me be clear I am not gay I never have been gay” in my head--ok I’ll put down the funny cigarettes now! )

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Ok, take two: let me be clear. I do not approve of anyone coming to this country illegally. My grandparents came here with what they could carry in a suitcase and they did it legally through the front door. But let’s also be realists. Most students in California who are illegal came here as children and their parents jumped the fence. Should they be blamed for their parents sins? And what will happen to these students if they don’t go to college? The options might be picking lettuce and then they won’t be paying taxes. If they don’t go to college they might end up on one of our social programs like welfare or clog our emergency rooms. And of course, they might resort to a life of crime; they say it pays and no taxes there either. There is a direct correlation between a lack of education and the criminal element. A vast majority of people in prison dropped out of school. So you decide. I know you don’t want people coming here illegally; but if you lived in any country 10, 16, 18 years isn’t that now your country? Isn’t America these children’s country? The only homeland they ever knew?

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Just as Arizona used its muscle as a state to get the federal government to enforce immigration reform, California might be doing the same, but in a different way. I believe the ruling in the California court shows exactly why we need the Dream Act. Providing a pathway to citizenship for those who want to go to school and stay in school. This way they would have more of a future than becoming lettuce pickers, welfare recipients or criminals. You can’t have it both ways America. You decide. You aren’t going to deport these children; wouldn’t you rather have them educated? And as residents of California, aren’t they entitled to the same tuition rate as a citizen? Especially if they’re enroute to becoming citizens?

I live in California and by the way those are California tax dollars, not U.S. tax dollars. So I’d be one whose tax dollars would pay for this. We must provide a pathway to citizenship for these students or they wont be able to obtain jobs upon leaving college. What good is a degree if you can’t use it? An educated America is a safer America. And personally, I’m tired of the dumbing down of America. Oh, and speaking of the dumbing down, if any of you wish to refudiate that add to the thread of this blog.

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