Election Returns Are Good for Republicans, Bad for America

I weep for those who will lose their health insurance.

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Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord more Dem House seats to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the state of Cali for Barbara and Jerry to take!

As I write this blog, there have been a few surprises: Joe Manchin winning a key Senate seat in West Virginia and Linda McMahon returning to her wrestling empire in Connecticut. Although Republicans wanted to blame Mr. Frank for the bad economy, it seems Barney’s gonna be back in town; D.C. that is. Arkansas paints its governor’s mansion blue and I’m sure we’ll be counting the votes in Alaska for weeks to come.

I wasn’t surprised, but delighted to hear that one of my favorite politicians, Mario Cuomo’s son, would sit in the seat his father once held. I wasn’t surprised that Christine O’Donnell lost and can go back to casting spells on all masturbators, fornicators, and homosexuals in the great state of Delaware.

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And I wasn’t surprised that the Republicans would take over the House. What I will be surprised by is if the Tea Party and all those conservative Americans throw out the candidates they elected today in two years if the budget isn’t balanced, if the economy isn’t thriving, if unemployment isn’t below 5 percent, if we don’t have immigration reform, more secure borders, and of course if healthcare reform isn’t repealed. (Which by the way, won’t create jobs, stimulate the economy or help us in the war on terror.)

What saddens me is not just that my party will lose control of the House; but that the party of “no” will have the power, the majority there. The party that wants this president and America to fail. The newbies or virgins to the political landscape will put their tea bags aside and get sucked up into the great machine known as Washington. Those newly elected “nonpolitical,” “non-inside the beltway,” “non-incumbents” will soon cast their votes, or block votes alongside their party--the “R” party. (Notice there’s not a “T” to be found on the ballot!?)

So while the right wing is celebrating and figuring out how to spend the next two years stopping the president from succeeding, it will hurt America. Spending the better part of next year extending the Bush tax cuts ( which never stimulated the economy or created jobs) and repealing healthcare reform, we’ll still be stuck with high unemployment, homes being foreclosed, less homes being purchased because less money is being lent. … I think you get the picture. Oh and of course, cutting spending. Less money to equip our military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Less money to hire more border patrol agents or to build a fence, less money for our infrastructure.

Rep. John Boehner said that the Americans that voted today are “patriots.” Funny, I remember when Democrats took the House in 2006 we were “un-American” for voting against our president and showing our displeasure with his policies and the growing unemployment rate and the economy slipping into a recession; which former President Bush continued to deny all the while.

So as a talk host, I look forward to pointing out the broken promises of the right, the inexperience of the virgin congressional members. As an American I weep for our country. For those who will soon be uninsured again and for the middle class who will pay for the rich to become richer. Wasn’t it Harry Truman who said he votes for the best person and the best person is a Democrat? Well today I voted for the best person.

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