America Is Waking Up to the Real Tea Party Threat

America is discovering the Tea Party's real nature.

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Whether it was a headline or a question posed to me on television, I’ve been asked “Is the Tea Party in trouble?” Sorry to answer a question with a question, but maybe we should be asking “Is America finally waking up?” And I think the answer to both is yes.

Although Christine O’Donnell told us how she was us, the Tea Party candidates have been running on the premise that they’re not “them.” And “them” being the incumbent, the other party, the other guy, the inside the beltway establishment.

A new report out by the watchdog group Public Campaign Action Fund shows that U.S. House and Senate candidates have surpassed fundraising records for the midterm elections and are now nearing $2 billion. The Center for Responsive Politics shows Republicans outspending Democrats this time around by $30 million.

The polls show (with the exception of Christine O’Donnell and Linda McMahon who are far behind and Rand Paul who was neck and neck but who is now up by 13 percent), that most Tea Party candidates are in dead heats with their opponents. It’s not the sweeping overhaul the Tea Party predicted or had hoped for.

And then there is more information coming out on these candidates:

  • one has been accused of sexual assault
  • two associated with magazines or blogs that degrade women
  • one does not differentiate between a Muslim and a terrorist
  • and one stood by while a fellow officer inappropriately did a body search on a 14 year old girl
  • And let’s look at some of the supporters, one in particular, who stepped on a 23 year old woman’s head while she was pinned to the ground. Lovely.

    America is waking up and I hope they’re alert next week when they go to the polls to vote. We don’t want or need inexperienced candidates. And do we send just anyone to Washington to simply send a message to Congress and the president, to display our anger despite their background or their supporters? Do we really want the candidate with the most money to win? Especially when that candidate is getting their money from the very establishment you want to take your country back from?!?

    Although the Fat Lady hasn’t sung yet when it comes to Democrats losing control of the House and possibly the Senate, we can all agree she’s roaming the halls. It’s your job, America, to send her home. And it’s our turn, America’s turn, to sing--and the chorus would say, “We want change, but not at the expense of our nation!”

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