4 Things Wrong With Christine O'Donnell's 'I'm Not a Witch' Ad

Let's set the record straight about a few things, OK?

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I just saw Christine O’Donnell’s new television ad and I can honestly say now I’ve seen everything. It seems Ms. O’Donnell wants to set the record straight about a few things:

  1. She’s not a witch
  2. She’s tired of the politicians in Washington spending as a way to stay in office
  3. She’s going to go to Washington to do what you do
  4. She’s you
  5. Well Ms. O’Donnell let me set the record straight about a few things OK?

    1) America doesn’t care if you’re a witch. They care about the economy, the unemployment rate, homeland security, our borders and the increasing violence with the Mexican drug cartel, illegal immigration, etc. An experienced politician would’ve known that you don’t mention whether you’re a witch or not, because America doesn’t care. Delaware doesn’t care. You would’ve had some slick ad using witchcraft to point a finger at or sling mud at your opponent. You can’t run on stating you’re not a witch when you yourself said on Politically Incorrect years back that you were. (And on that note, when you went on your first date with that guy and were on the altar at midnight just what were you doing!?!! And was there a second date?!) I digress.

    2) You’re tired of politicians spending as a way to stay in office? How about the money you’re spending to get into office!?! How about the campaign funds you spent on your own rent, neglecting your staff without pay and misusing money that was contributed? The allegations that you spent years embezzling money for your campaign to cover your own personal expenses!? How about the fact that your former college sued you because you didn’t pay your tuition? Or that you sued your former employer for $7 million? Or that the IRS placed a Federal tax lien against you? Or that your home was in foreclosure? Or that the reason you didn’t graduate from Fairleigh Dickinson until recently was that you didn’t pay your Bursar’s bill. And we’re supposed to trust you with our tax dollars!?! Not to mention you haven’t told the people of Delaware how you’re going to cut spending if you ever get to the Senate!

    3) If Ms. O’Donnell’s going to Washington to do what you do, then she’s going to Washington to work two to three jobs to keep food on the table for your family and pay for your healthcare. (That seems doubtful as her party wants to cut every educational, healthcare related, and assistance program there is.) Or stand in line for unemployment benefits past 99 weeks. (oops, can’t do that either—the GOP wants to reduce the amount of time Americans received unemployment).

    And lastly … 4) She’s you ...or me … wrong.

    Ms. O’Donnell, America and I don’t care about whether you’re a witch or not. The First Amendment protects your Freedom of Religion. (Perhaps you should read it.) I don’t care whether you masturbate or watch porn (TMI) and neither does the rest of the world. I didn’t go to Oxford, and neither did you. And if I took a course from Phoenix University in a space rented at Oxford, I wouldn’t lie about it. Nor would I say I graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson when I did not, or say I went to Claremont Graduate University when they have no record of you. No she’s not like you America, you’re better than that. And America we deserve a Senator better than that.

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