Leslie Marshall

September 2010

The Tea Party Should Not Protest CSI and Justin Bieber

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Art has been imitating life and then putting its own spin on it since Adam and Eve. So why was everyone so surprised when on the season premiere of CSI on CBS the episode contained the subject matter of a domestic terrorist bomber? Played by Justin Bieber I might add!?!

And why am I writing about ...

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tea party
national security terrorism and the military
Obama, Michelle
Obama, Barack

Tea Party Extremism Will Help Democrats in 2010 Election

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Christine O’Donnell Tuesday won the primary in the state of Delaware. This is a woman who thinks gays can be 'cured' and has condemned not only premarital sex but also masturbation. Hmmm. TMI (too much information).

I must admit I almost fainted when I heard Karl Rove say something I actually agreed ...

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2010 Congressional elections
tea party
Republican Party
Democratic Party
health care
health care reform
national security terrorism and the military
deficit and national debt
O'Donnell, Christine
Castle, Mike
Coons, Chris
Miller, Joe

'Burn a Koran Day' Is Un-American and Not Christian

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I love my country. I grew up in a suburb of Boston, about 20 minutes from Plymouth, Mass. You’ve heard of Plymouth. It’s the place where the boat the Mayflower hit upon a rock and where its passengers, escaping religious persecution, would make their home. I visited Plymouth more than I wanted to ...

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national security terrorism and the military
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