More Christmas Wishes for Washington

What a few of America's politicos are hoping they'll soon find under the tree.

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Earlier this month, I speculated on Vice President Joe Biden's most desired Christmas wish. With only a week left for Christmas shopping, I thought now might be a good time to reflect on what a few of America's other politicos are hoping they'll soon find under the tree.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's most fervent wish for 2014 is likely that she remain as overwhelmingly popular in Iowa (the state of her candidacy's undoing in 2008) as she is today. According to the latest Des Moines Poll, 89 percent of Iowa Democrats hold a positive opinion of her, whereas only 7 percent view her negatively.

Rep. Darrell Issa, the California Republican who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is surely not only hoping for more money stuffed in his stocking on the mantel, but also is looking for more evidence that Health and Human Services failed “ to address the security risks” related to the Affordable Care Act website.

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On the opposite coast, New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie is likely hoping that Santa ensures that the Washington Bridge doesn't become his “ Bridge to Nowhere.”

In the Christmas spirit of sharing (and since I'm known more for my savvy than my satirical abilities), I reached out to a colleague, John Brandt, to help me craft some new lyrics for " The12 Days of Christmas.” Though admittedly the words don't sing or rhyme very well, it is my Christmas wish that they'll at least inspire some chuckles. I've noted in parentheses after each line who is making the wish. Imbibe, then read, and hopefully, enjoy.

Twelve more months of Washington dysfunction (governors running in 2016);
Eleven months of House Republican conference unity (Speaker John Boehner);
Ten weeks to threaten on the debt ceiling (Tea Party);
Nine more points of job approval (President Barack Obama);
Eight House immigration bills (Senator Marco Rubio, R-FL);
Seven[teen] House seats (DCCC)
Six Senate seats (NRSC);
Five Todd Akins (DSCC);
Four reelected women governors ( Center for American Women and Politics)
Three competitive Alaska Republican Senate primary candidates ( Sen. Mark Begich, D-AK)
Two states seen as one ( soon-to-be New Hampshire resident Scott Brown)
One 2016 Democratic challenger to Hillary ( Ralph Nader).

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While the American people appear to be planning to give Democrats a lump of coal next year, all members of the House have already received the best present they've had in a long time: the holidays at home.