Obama's Afghanistan Message: We Must Face Reality

An expert points out that the president hit the three pillars of victory.


By Julia Piscitelli, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

There was a smart message in Obama's Afghanistan speech this week: Regardless of how we got here, or who got us here, this is how it is right now so let's get down to the business of facing facts, and facing reality.

After the speech I talked with a longtime friend, retired Army Col. Scott Robinson. He pointed out that the president hit the three major pillars of winning this war: the government in Afghanistan, the military surge and the Pakistan threat:

I think what we heard in the president's speech is some hard cold facts about the world we live in.  I know it is easy for people on both sides to live in the moment of this and look at it purely through political lenses, but we need to be more measured than that. I think that the president found a balanced approach with his plan. He addressed the Afghanistan government, the military surge and Pakistan.

Scott retired this summer after 25 years and he intends to support our commander in chief. Just as I always felt better knowing that people of his caliber were in the Pentagon and other posts around the globe before and after 9-11, I also feel better knowing that as a citizen, he said he will be watching very closely. He is running for the Democratic nomination in Virginia's 1st Congressional District and we can't have anyone better working to keep America safe and his colleagues accountable from inside Congress.