5 Reasons for Democrats to Give Thanks

Michael Steele and healthcare reform top the list.

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By Julia Piscitelli, Thomas Jefferson Street Blog

Five reasons to give political thanks, Democrat edition.

1. RNC Chairman Michael Steele. He has been behaving like a petulant child about "getting credit" for Republican wins in the New Jersey and Virginia governor's races—throwing himself on the floor and staff out the door over it. We saw smoke coming out of his ears in his post election interview with Gov. Kaine, and in his most recent ouster of an excellent communications staffer at the RNC. Mr. Steele, when you get bad press, you think it is the press secretary's fault, and when you get good press, you think it is because you and your work are inherently interesting. Neither is true.

2. Imminent passage of healthcare reform. Americans want it. Republicans are standing in the way. It's going to pass. Big insurance and pharmaceutical companies will live on. Tens of millions of uninsured will be covered. Party-line votes happen, and make things happen, no matter which party is in power. Deal with it.

3. Getting out of wars, not into more. We now have someone in the White House who is trying to end the two major theater wars that have stretched America's military, and decimated the country's financial resources. Mr. Obama and his team are figuring out a way to bring our troops home for good to their families and a grateful country.

4. Our intelligence agencies. The non-political career agents, analysts, and staff of the FBI, CIA, NSA et als are the unsung heroes in the fight against terrorism. The George Bush political crew were not the only ones. The agencies have made tremendous strides in information sharing and techniques necessary to keep the country safe—rooting out terrorist plots before they happen. Forget the cherished defense-of-George-Bush-tactics of the far right, that the absence of post 9-11 attacks justifies everything George Bush ever did, which is like a teenager who expects extra allowance for not doing drugs.

5. Electoral anomalies, not "trends." Democratic New Jersey Gov. John Corzine lost because he was unpopular. A comeback from approval ratings in the 30s? Fat chance. When I manage a campaign, I worry if my candidate drops near 50 percent. And the other reason Mr. Steele is throwing fits (see #1): Virginia? Here's the deal, a great public servant frequently does not make for a great candidate, very true of Democrat Creigh Deeds. Some, though, like Bob McDonnell, make fantastic and attractive candidates regardless of their extreme records and views which they take with them into office.

P.S. Did I mention Mom and apple pie?

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