The World Series and America’s Mainstream

Kids toting mitts. Dads with their daughters. A joyous crowd of liberals and libertarians.

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Boy, there is nothing more American than a World Series.

Kids toting mitts, hoping to catch a fly ball. Dads with their daughters. Hot dogs. Chilly weather. Star spangled bunting. The autumn classic.

"God Bless America," belted out by a black, female combat veteran, with the crowd of 40,000 singing along.

"Stand beside her, and guide her." Great song. Written by an immigrant.

Kayakers on the bay. Ph.D.’s from Stanford and Berkeley, and software engineers from Silicon Valley, taking a night off from the lab.

Athletic prodigies, down on the field, with names like Neftali Feliz, Javier Lopez, Edgar Renteria, and Vladimir Guerrero.

Lovely Asian-American lasses, jumping up and down, cheering as the Giants won their second in a row.

A joyous crowd of liberals and libertarians, with a healthy dose of giddy homosexuals, cheering their team to victory and hugging happy spouses.

Preparing to vote for Jerry Brown, and to make marijuana legal.

Ah, the mainstream. God, I love this country.

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