More Tea Party Hypocrisy: Joe Miller's Classic Patronage Trifecta

At least the bums and grafters in Boston and Chicago are honest with their fellow Americans.


Another week, another act of Republican Tea Party hypocrisy.

Joe Miller, the Marlboro Man himself, that raffishly bearded Senate candidate from Alaska, has met with success on the campaign trail by informing the rest of us that we don't need socialistic benefits like unemployment insurance or Social Security or, God forbid, a minimum wage.

Alas, it turns out that Joe is not the brave and rugged individualist he makes out to be. Not when it comes to his own wallet. It came out a few weeks back that he mooched off the rest of us by taking government farm subsidies. Now it seems that, while on the federal payroll, he hired his wife Kathleen for a federal job and then--wait for it--had her collect unemployment insurance when he laid her off!

I know a few wards and precincts in Boston and Chicago where the boys would nod their head in admiration at Miller's little patronage trifecta. But at least those bums and grafters are honest with their fellow Americans. They feed at the government trough and embrace nepotism and are darn proud of it. They don't--like Miller and Sharron and Christine et al--have one set of standards for themselves and another for the rest of us.

Some revolution.

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