The Free Market May Part Glenn Beck From Fox News

Fox News apparently is not happy with the poster child of malcontent.


The top story from next Sunday's edition of the New York Times Magazine was published yesterday, as it was Wednesday. (Go figure.) It's a revealing profile of Glenn Beck by Mark Leibovich. And it contains bad news for conservatives, who may have to make a choice between Beck and their favorite network, Fox News, which apparently is not happy with the poster child of malcontent.

Good capitalists that they are, the Fox boardroom types are grousing about what Madison Ave. and Hollywood could have told them--there's not a lot of ad revenue to be had scaring old folks into buying reverse mortgages and gold coins. It seems that those who gnaw on their grievances and prepare for Armageddon are not good, patriotic American consumers. The market is speaking. And what it speaketh is not good news for Glenn. He surely has an audience, but advertisers don't lust for grouchy codgers and sour stay-at-homers with cramped dreams and wallets.

So. Fox vs. Beck. What a dilemma for right-thinking decent folk! Could Fox actually be part of the Great Media Conspiracy? Are Bill and Newt and Sean and Sarah no better than Keith and Rachel? Or is the network in the right? Might Glenn be, after all, merely a crank? Who to trust? What to believe? Stay tuned.

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