More Tea Party Hypocrisy: Angle Gets Government Healthcare

Sharron Angle gets good federal healthcare insurance, but she wants to deny it to the rest of us.

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More Tea Party hypocrisy. We have already had Christine O'Donnell campaigning in Delaware for fiscal prudence while not paying her bills. And Joe Miller telling voters in Alaska to get Washington off their backs, after he took federal farm subsidies. And now we have Sharron Angle, urging us all to take up arms and abolish federal health and retirement programs--while she is covered, thank you very much, by oh-so-generous federal health insurance.

It seems that Ted Angle, the spouse of the Nevada Senate candidate, doesn't share her revulsion for government. In fact, he was a federal employee for many years. As such he has retired with the federal bureaucracy's equivalent of Social Security--a pension through the Civil Service Retirement System--and with continued healthcare coverage via (wait for it) the Federal Employee Health Program.

According to Angle's spokeswoman, "his health insurance plan … also covers Sharron."

I know several federal employees. The Federal Employee Health Program is a good deal. No doubt Ted earned it, and his federal pension, by working hard for we the taxpayers.

I have no gripe with Sharron Angle getting good healthcare insurance from the U.S. government, only that she wants to deny it to the rest of us.

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