Tea Party Candidate Joe Miller's Government Spending Hypocrisy

It's up to Democrats, sound-minded Republicans, and Independent voters to weed the frauds out.


Another day, another Tea Party hypocrisy.

It seems that U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller of Alaska--that anti-socialist, constitutional purist who professes to believe in minimalist government--did not spurn the federal handout when it came to his own wallet. He pocketed $7,000 of our money in the form of federal farm subsidies.

According to his spokesman, Miller took the money back in the 1990s, when Democrat Bill Clinton's administration was presiding over a roaring economy and, working with a Republican Congress, paying off the debts of the Reagan-Bush years. When Miller was on the receiving end of our money, his attitude toward government was apparently different than it is now, when he's deploring institutions like Social Security and unemployment insurance.

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Given the state of the economy, it's natural for voters to be angry. Given that voters are angry, it's natural that hypocrites, know-nothings, and con men and women will enter politics, and attempt to capitalize

It's up to Democrats, sound-minded Republicans, and independent voters to weed the frauds out.

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