Alan Simpson Is Right: Government Is a Giant Milk Cow

If we ever needed a straight-talking cowboy type like Simpson, it is now.

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Alan Simpson is right. America has become a "milk cow" with 310 million teats. We all feed off the government--from big commercial cotton and sugar farmers to Wall Street financiers to General Motors to the fabulously, obscenely rich folks for whom John Boehner, the Republican House leader, wants to give a big, permanent tax cut.

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Nobody has the moral high ground on this one. Not the Chamber of Commerce, which pushes immigration to import cheap labor, knowing that the government will pay for the social costs. Not the daffy matron who warned government to keep out of Medicare. Not military consulting firms, profiting from the war on terror. Not the whiny Social Security recipients who gripe about government spending on one hand, as they circulate the latest Web blast condemning Congress for denying them an unwarranted cost of living raise.

There is a move afoot to get rid of Simpson, the Republican cochair of a federal Commission that is tasked with reducing our dependency, and finding our way out of the fiscal fix we are in because of our self-indulgent spending, tax, energy, and economic policies. Ignore the leftish scaremongers who say Simpson was likening Social Security to a "milk cow." It is clear from his E-mail he was talking about Americans at large, not Social Security recipients. But even if he was blunt enough to compare retirees to nursing calves, it's all the more reason to keep the man. If we ever needed a straight-talking cowboy type like Simpson, it is now.

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