Stop Blabbing and Get Tiger Woods Back on the Golf Course

The story of another pampered’s athlete fall says as much about us as him.


By John Aloysius Farrell, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

Was Tiger Woods the upright family man, well-mannered Stanford gentleman, and tender-hearted philanthropist that we so wanted to see when he was dominating the PGA tour?


Is Tiger Woods the hideously selfish and drug-taking satyr described to our delight over the last nine weeks by various Las Vegas waitresses, party girls, and porn actresses who claim to be his intimate companions?

Maybe a little.

Is Tiger Woods the contrite and chastened sinner who apologized to the public on Friday?

Time will tell.

Will we ever learn that beautifully sculpted and endlessly pampered athletes are not demigods, and stop foolishly trying to make them role models?

Not a chance.

Is Tiger now paying a price for not sucking up to certain sportswriters in the past?


Can we please just let Tiger go back to the golf course, and stop the endless judgmental blabbing?

I hope so, but probably not.

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