The Terrifying Truth Behind Obama's Secret Socialist Agenda

Behold the lengths he’ll go to to seem moderate.

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By John Aloysius Farrell, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

I have some sympathy for the tea baggers. I, too, lost a bunch of money in the Bush stock market crash, and haven't earned it back yet in the Obama economic recovery. And the value of my home has dropped a bit, though that could be a good thing if the wife and I stay put a few yearslower taxes, you know. Don't want to be feeding the socialistic governmental beast.

Well, actually that is where the baggers lose me. Obama has been in office for a year now, and I keep opening the door each morning, peeking down the street, and failing to see the bands of wolfish Leninists come to seize my property.

Indeed, the most direct effect of Obama's presidency on my home finances has been a modest tax cut.

And picking up the morning newspaper, I see that 1) under Obama, the CIA is assassinating al Qaeda and Taliban leaders at a far greater rate than during the Bush administration, 2) the escalation of the war in Afghanistan has led to a major U.S. military offensive against the Islamo-fascists there, 3) the White House has called for more tax cuts in this year's budget, and 4) the president proposes to spend $8 billion to help build two new nuclear reactors in Georgia.

War? Tax cuts? CIA assassins? Nuclear reactors? From a Democratic president? Have we forgotten all we were taught by Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas? The songs we sang with Jackson Browne and Bruce Springsteen? The Church committee?

Surely, the baggers are right. The measure of this Socialist Evil is its willingness to disguise itself as political moderation—even mushy conservatism—to worm its way into our hearts.

Obama's middle name is not Hussein.

It's Milhous.

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