Evan Bayh is Retiring--Who Cares?

America won’t miss the Indiana senator.


By John Aloysius Farrell, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

The morning papers tell me that a great catastrophe has befallen the Republic: Evan Bayh will not run for re-election.

It will be harder for the Blue Team to retain its control of the Senate, the liberal commentators say. The Red Team will surely make gains in November.

To which I have to ask: So what?

Name me one piece of important legislation that Evan Bayh ever crafted for his fellow citizens, and then took on the chore of pushing through the Senate. Name me one great evil he exposed with a gutsy public hearing. Name me one courageous vote he cast that jeopardized his career.

The truth is, that America will not miss Evan Bayh. Here in the capital, his departure is viewed solely through the prism of Blue vs. Red. Nobody asks whether another senator from Indiana, regardless of party, might actually get something done.

We gave the Blue Team 60 seats in the Senate, and they bungled the opportunity--then ran for the hills when the Red Team won the special election in Massachusetts. They cower now, and whine like Evan Bayh. 

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