Bruce Springsteen's Working on a Joke

He's got to be kidding. It can now be said: The Boss's album Working on a Dream is so bad it's funny.

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By John Aloysius Farrell, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

I was jogging yesterday when my iPod shuffled up Bruce Springsteen's "Queen of the Supermarket."

It may be the worst rock and roll song ever written.

"I'm in love with the queen of the supermarket/As the evening sky turns blue/A dream awaits in aisle number two."


I got very worried about Bruce. He's written a few turkeys in his time, but he must be in very bad financial shape, and facing awful commercial pressures, to have released that song.

Then the thought occurred to me: It's satire.

Springsteen went out of his way to write an execrable bit of drivel, because he's putting us on.

In fact, the whole Working on a Dream album is pretty darn awful.

What a comic genius!

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