Dick Cheney's Talk on Terror Is the Real Danger to This Country

Forget about Obama's terror policies, Dick Cheney needs to shut up.

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By John Aloysius Farrell, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

I was actually going to write a post here with a half-hearted defense of Dick Cheney.

One thing I fret about is that the Obama administration—despite the president's repeated insistence that a terrorist attack is the first thing he worries about each morning—will get so focused on all its other priorities that al Qaeda will slip through and strike again.

And so I figured that Cheney was doing the country a favor. His nagging from the cheap seats might keep Team Audacity on its toes.

Then I read this column by Col. Lawrence Wilkinson—a guy who knows his stuff. He was Colin Powell's chief of staff, and watched Cheney operate in the Bush White House.

I recommend it to you.

Wilkinson has convinced me that Cheney's arguments are preposterous, and that his meddling is only putting us in further danger.

It's time for the Sith Lord to go home.        

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