Left Out in the Cold as Barack Obama Dines With Michael Barone

President-elect Obama sups with the wrong columnists (unless you're Barone).

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By John Aloysius Farrell, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

I am pulling no punches. I will say it directly.

Barack Obama is an ingrate. 

For six months, I have defended the Democrat, bashed the opposition, and otherwise carried water for Obama's campaign.

I have roasted Sarah Palin; dismissed the silly William Ayers theories of my blogging mate Michael Barone; explained Obama's position on abortion to my fellow Catholics; showed why the Obama tax plan was not, as Barone intimated, antibusiness or socialistic.

I gave Obama the winning card in the presidential debates. I exposed the McCain campaign's lies. And yes, I even extended the privileges of Irish-American ancestry to Obama, on the eve of the election, making this key swing voting group more receptive to his appeals.

And now—now that Obama is the hottest ticket in town—who does he go to dinner with?


Who does he sup and sip coffee with?

The likes of Barone, Peggy Noonan, Andrew Sullivan, Frank Rich, and Maureen Dowd—all of whom will turn on Obama at the first moment of opportunity. You watch. Just check out what Dowd did to Hillary, Kerry, and Geithner yesterday.

It is all so unfair.

Harry S. Truman had it right. If you want a friend in Washington, he said, get a dog.

A real dog. Not some labradoodle.

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