Jimmy Carter 1970s and Today: Angry Iran, Aggressive Russia, Energy Crisis

Things in Washington are starting to look a lot like they used to.


By John Aloysius Farrell, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

Maybe it was the sight of Jimmy Carter back at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But all week I've been fighting déjà vu.

Let's see...

An idealistic but inexperienced president from the provinces.
A sprawling, unwieldy agenda.
An energy crisis. High unemployment.
Congressional foot-dragging on a stimulus bill.
Israelis fighting Palestinians.
Angry Iranians.Aggressive Russians.
Budget deficits.
Mileage standards.
Ethics issues.
Failing banks.
Car companies seeking a federal bailout.
Titanic Senate egos.
A cocky young White House chief of staff.
Bob Byrd and Ted Kennedy.
An ol' liberal House speaker.
West Wing staffers who think Congress works for them.
A Democratic House majority split between liberals and conservatives.

Can ya see what I'm driving at?

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