Sarah Palin's $150,000 Real Life Reality Makeover

Who wouldn't want to be plucked from their workday life and be bought $150,000 in new clothes?


Did anyone hold it against Carrie and the gals when they bought all those ridiculously expensive Manolo Blahnik shoes?

Did we not root our hearts out for Miss Vivian when she returned from that shopping trip on Rodeo Drive, put on that amazing red dress, and found happiness in the arms of Richard Gere, her very own Prince Charming?

Didn't Andrew Lloyd Webber make a gazillion bucks with Evita?

Friends, I really don't think that Sarah Palin is going to pay too much a price for her $150,000 wardrobe. Not as our newest celebrity Cinderella.

The incongruity of our own Wasilla Wal-Mart mom—who has been roasting the elite and preachin' the simple virtues of the heartland—going on costly shopping sprees at Saks, Nieman-Marcus, and Barney's may spur charges of hypocrisy from a few evil stepsisters. It will give those spoilsports who dislike her just another reason to dismiss her.

But don't think our proudly, self-proclaimed "redneck" Miss Sarah is going anywhere anytime soon. If anything, she is rocketing on her way to mythic, like that other rightward-leaning vice presidential candidate with a worshipping base among los descamisados, Eva Perón.

Today, thousands of Palin's female fans are—far from condemning her—vicariously enjoying the daydreamy thrill of being transported from their drab workday existence to national celebrity, with an apparently unlimited line of credit at the swankiest department stores, makeup artists and hairdressers at their beckoning, their picture on the cover of People magazine, and star turns on television!

In Sarah Palin, they've found the ultimate reality show makeover fantasy. She is overshadowing John McCain, to his significant detriment.

As for all the would-be Rush Limbaughs who, being fervent foes of the feminazis, have never tried to disguise the fact that her sexuality is a part of Palin's appeal, the sight of her in those snug leather jackets and knee-high boots is well worth the money they've been sending to the Republican National Committee, which has been paying for her clothing and cosmetics.

Nope. I'm betting that at her rallies today, and in the coming days, her fans will be tellin' Miss Sarah, "You go, girl."

And if she is elected, and assumes the presidency, as the actuary tables suggest, we may all take comfort in the fact that, when she makes the decision to launch a horribly costly, decades-long war with Iran, she looks mahvelous.

Bippity. Boppity. Boo.