Abortion, Obama, and Schindler's List

Should Obama not try to reduce abortion just because he doesn't want to outlaw it?

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Hey. I guess I should have waited until after John McCain and Barack Obama had a provocative exchange on abortion in their last debate before writing my post about Catholics and the Democrats.

Who knew their debate would be so revealing? Aside from making the "health" of a mother of parenthetical importance, McCain (and subsequent McCain campaign robocalls) tried to paint Obama as a baby killer.

But here's a column from a conservative Catholic legal scholar, who backs up Obama's argument that the Democratic presidential contender is offering a new approach that might actually lead to fewer abortions.

And to the Catholics who objected to my post the other day and labeled me a handmaiden of evil for suggesting that improving access to birth control and other imperfect solutions are better than taking no action at all, let me ask you this:

Because Oskar Schindler could save only 1,200 Jews by bribing and working with the Nazis during the Holocaust, should he have declined to save any?