Obama Looks Presidential in Debate Against McCain

McCain was aggressive, Obama was presidential, and “that one” wasn’t a big deal.

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For an instant verdict on the second presidential debate, few of the talking heads last night offered a more trenchant analysis (in that I fully agreed with it) than Pat Buchanan, one of my favorite conservative commentators.

John McCain was the aggressor, sort of. Barack Obama looked presidential, again.

And looking like a president was, is, and will be the single most important task for Obama in the fall of 2008.

To quote Buchanan, after watching Obama for 90 minutes: "This isn't some radical."

Nope. It's, maybe, a president.

And folks, let's not make a big deal about McCain calling Obama "that one."

My saintly Irish grandmother referred to whoever happened to be ticking her off at the moment as "that one."

It's an old-fashioned way of conveying annoyance and outrage. Not disrespect.