Computer Keyboard Tips

Remember the good old days of Atex and MS-DOS? Here’s how not to revisit them.

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I’ve been using a computer as a word processor for almost 30 years.

How fondly I recall those good ol’ days of Atex and MS-DOS, system crashes, and colleagues losing four or five hours work in a blink. On deadline.

And down through the decades, there have been too many moments when, while I tried to pull off some complex maneuver involving text and the mouse, a friend would start laughing, look at me with pity, and ask, “What are you doing?”

And then, do the same thing with a quick easy click or keystroke.

Which, after learning, I promptly forgot.

So here, as a public service to those, like me, who cannot remember any of the shortcuts that can make life easy, is a link to David Pogue’s excellent column in the Oct. 2, 2008, edition of the New York Times.

News you can use. Enjoy. And, if you are like me, print out a copy, laminate it, and keep it on your desk.

I know we are many. It was the most popular story on the Times website over the weekend.