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Jeb Bush's 2016 Run Signals a Dangerous Return to Bush Era Politics

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Here's how I picture Jeb Bush, with his father George and his big brother George, huddled around a boiling cauldron: "When shall we three meet again?/in Florida, Texas or in Maine?"

Any resemblance to the Macbeth witches in thunder, lightning or rain is, of course, intentional. The Washington ...

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Bush, Jeb
Bush, George H.W.
Bush, George W.
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3 Ways Obama's 2014 Got Off to a Bad Start

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Barack Obama and I go back to the same summer when we were born into the sixties, the age of Aquarius.  

So we were young when "The Yellow Submarine" movie came out, when the moon landing happened and when Richard Nixon resigned. I have been marking him pretty closely since that euphoric,

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