Reading the Super Bowl’s 2016 Omens

All big game's signs bode well for Hillary Clinton and poorly for Chris Christie.

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin (No. 11) returns a kickoff for a touchdown against the Denver Broncos to start the second half of Super Bowl XLVIII Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014, in East Rutherford, N.J.

Democrats may run away with the 2016 presidential race.

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The NFL is such a powerful barometer of Americana that the Seattle Seahawks decisive victory over – was it the Denver Broncos? – must be taken seriously for what it reveals about our destiny. 

That includes you, Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie. The league always knows which way the wind is blowing, depend upon it. And clearly the United States of America is leaning blue for 2016. 

The Seattle Seahawks win was a beautiful thing, a vision of what’s to come in 2016 in the presidential arena. (Hint: the country’s tilting blue.) 

It all started when John Elway, a once-fabulous football player, now the Broncos executive vice president, told Fox News that he was a Republican because he does not believe in safety nets.

Sorry, John, that hit the wrong note for the overall vibe and vision of the country this year. It didn’t take the ball down the field. It was more like the safety scored against your team 12 seconds into the game.

Meanwhile, it was cosmically arranged for the Republican governor of the state where the Super Bowl took place to be humiliated over a bridge. Christie, the beating heart of the red states is lost. Too bad. How sweet to see him silenced at the sporting event where he expected to crow and consolidate his national reputation. 

So much for the Republican front-runner in the 2016 presidential races.

Hillary Clinton knew when to go on offense. In a well-timed tweet as the game went on, she let it be known:

Brilliant. Suddenly, the Democratic front-runner burst into our homes and parties in a good way. The dig at Fox could only land well among her millions of supporters. She’s one of us, watching the game. We got that meta-message. And we are with her. Touchdown. 

The Seattle team comes from one of the bluest states in the nation. Washington even has two women Democratic senators, yet more evidence of a Hillary win. 

Colorado, the home of the Broncos, is considered a purple state on the political map. Gang, that isn’t good enough in this cycle. The country’s mood is blue. True blue.